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Friday, April 17, 2015

Why I prefer the LCO over the LOC method



I have 4c Natural hair, which means my hair is the kinkiest of the kinkiest. It coils around itself naturally, has high shrinkage, is low porosity and very hard to moisturize. Low porosity hair has a hard time obtaining moisture, which means that it takes a while for moisturizers and water to penetrate the hair shaft. However, once the hair is moisturized it stays moisturized for a long time. Unlike porous hair which is very easy to moisturize but loses moisture quickly.

The LCO method completely changed the game for me. LCO refers to liquid, cream, and oil. It refers to the way you layer your products. You start by spraying your hair with a liquid to lift the cuticle, adding a cream to moisturize and then sealing with an oil. Because my hair has a hard time getting moisture It would not make sense for me to do the Liquid oil cream method. With the LOC method you spritz the hair with water, seal with and oil, and then add you cream moisturizer. However, the problem I have with this method (LOC) is that once I spray the liquid and seal with the oil, the oil not only blocks the moisture from leaving my hair but it also blocks moisture from getting into my hair. Therefore, adding cream after the oil, simply makes no sense for me because the moisturizer will not absorb into my hair.

On the other hand adding the Liquid, cream and then oil allows for the moisture from the liquid and the cream to penetrate my hair and the oil then seals all that moisture in. With this method, I can go up to ten days without having to re-moisturize my hair when it is exposed to the elements.

How do you moisturize your hair?
Have you tried the LCO or the LOC method?
Which do you prefer and Why?