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Sunday, May 25, 2014

4c Natural Hair: The Quest for Obnoxiously Long hair

The Start of My Hair Growth Journey
My hair in kinky twists using finger comber hair

I will be four years natural in June and for the most part my focus has been figuring out what works for my hair and maintaining healthy hair. I'm not going to lie, when I first went natural I thought I would have ass length hair by now. That thought was mainly influenced by the many women who seem to be natural for all of two days and have hair down to their ankles (gross exaggeration, I know). Needles to say, when my hair wasn't grazing mid back at the three year mark I was greatly disappointed. But I soon realized that every ones hair grows at different rates and there are many factors that influence hair growth.

There are several myths surrounding African American  Women and long hair. The first being that African American women cannot grow long hair unless of course their DNA is mixed with Cherokee, Caucasian, or Eurasian. (Maybe I'm making that up, but you get the point). The second myth is that our hair length is predisposed. For a long time I was led to believe that my hair could not grow beyond my neck because up until I went natural that was the longest my hair got. Several women on both sides of my family have achieved extremely long hair. But I was told it was due to their DNA. My grandmother for instance always had long hair which we all attributed to her being part coolie. But if she is indeed my grandmother and she is able to achieve long hair because she is coolie shouldn't I be able to do the same. In fact there is a patch in the back of my head that resembles her curl pattern even though I am 4c every where else. I kid you not.

Since being natural I've gotten all the way to arm pit length. I have cut my hair several times over the almost four years. The first cut was supposed to be a trim done by a "professional" who channeled Edward Scissor hand and gave me an experience that has since scarred me. That "Trim"/Cut was done in 2012 I spent the following year growing back my hair and cutting every three to four months to try and even it out instead of doing a second big chop. I managed to get back to my original length in May of 2013. From then on I've been maintaining my hair and I managed to make it to arm pit length.

My New Goal:
Recently though I've been obsessed with extremely long and luscious hair (maybe its a phase).  So I'm on a new journey to grow my hair to extraordinary lengths maybe floor length. (j/k). My hair grows but it doesn't grow very quickly so in order to the retain the length I will be doing a variety of protective styles, mainly braids. While my hair is in braids I will maintain it by cleansing, moisturizing and massaging my scalp with the Healthy Hair Serum. I plan on wearing the braids for a maximum of two months, when I remove them I will do a protective style like flat twists with my own hair. I plan on doing this however long I can stand it.

What is your hair growth secret?

What tips do you have for growing and maintaining length?