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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Does Oil Rinsing Work for 4C Natural Hair

So I just got put on to oil rinsing after watching a few youtube videos of course. I decided to try it because typically after washing, even if its just co-washing, I have to work extra hard to replenish the moisture.

How I oil Rinsed
There are different variations of this process. I shampooed, deep conditioned and then rinsed the deep conditioner out of my hair. I wash my hair in sections, so I applied a generous amount of the oil to my hair one section at a time. I work it through so all my strands are coated then I immediately rinse with cold water to close the cuticle and lock in the moisture. I repeat the process until all sections are completed.

The Benefits of Oil Rinsing
Everyone may have different results. But for me and my 4c hair I noticed that my hair was a whole lot softer, moisturized, shinier and dare I say bouncy. This was even before applying my leave in conditioner.

Oil used for Rinsing
I recommend using an oil designed to seal in moisture like castor oil, you can use whichever oil you prefer. I use my own blend of natural oils which includes castor oil. Purchase all natural oils here:

Oil rinsing will definitely be a part of my regimen now.

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