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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Handmade Products for Natural Hair

Moisturizing Hair Butter perfect for natural hair, especially type 4 hair. This butter moisturizes, seals, protects the hair against breakage and split end, conditions and promotes growth. It melts away knots and tangles to make detangling a breeze. Very thick and rich so a little bit goes a long way. Provides luster and shine

Shea Butter is high in antioxidants and vitamins, conditions and moisturizes the hair, and helps lock in moisture to prevent breakage and promote growth.

Other Ingredients:
Nourishes hair with essential fatty acids and locks in moisture. The oil also strengthens hair and treats split ends. It is anti-fungal, anti-viral, and anti- bacterial.

 Penetrates the hair shaft to moisturize dry hair, it also provides luster and shine. Great for softening the hair, it also prevents breakage, and split ends which in turn promotes length retention.

 Keeps hair moist, locks in moisture and provides shine. Protects against hair loss, dry hair and split ends. Contains fatty acids which allow the oil to penetrate the hair shaft.

This butter can also be applied to the skin.

To seal in moisture apply to damp hair and style as usual. Can also be applied to dry hair to moisturize

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Does Oil Rinsing Work for 4C Natural Hair

So I just got put on to oil rinsing after watching a few youtube videos of course. I decided to try it because typically after washing, even if its just co-washing, I have to work extra hard to replenish the moisture.

How I oil Rinsed
There are different variations of this process. I shampooed, deep conditioned and then rinsed the deep conditioner out of my hair. I wash my hair in sections, so I applied a generous amount of the oil to my hair one section at a time. I work it through so all my strands are coated then I immediately rinse with cold water to close the cuticle and lock in the moisture. I repeat the process until all sections are completed.

The Benefits of Oil Rinsing
Everyone may have different results. But for me and my 4c hair I noticed that my hair was a whole lot softer, moisturized, shinier and dare I say bouncy. This was even before applying my leave in conditioner.

Oil used for Rinsing
I recommend using an oil designed to seal in moisture like castor oil, you can use whichever oil you prefer. I use my own blend of natural oils which includes castor oil. Purchase all natural oils here:

Oil rinsing will definitely be a part of my regimen now.

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