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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

How to Treat Dry Itchy scalp and Dandruff

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At one point or another, I’m sure some of us have been plagued with scalp issues. Personally, this has been an issue for me since I was a child, even prior to getting a relaxer. When I was younger I had scabs and sores on my scalp; I remember my grandmother washing my hair with oranges and applying a homemade concoction. Within days I was cured. After relaxing my hair, I suffered from dry, itchy scalp, and flakes which I attributed to dandruff. Lots of people would say the flakes were due to the hair growing. I don’t know how true that is because my hair never seemed to grow. I was never able to get pass neck length. So I had flakes, but no length, it didn’t make any sense.

 So I did some research and came up with this quick, easy and simple mixture to help prevent and treat some of those pesky scalp issues. I am not a physician, this is what has been working for me. If you have concerns about allergies or adverse events please consult your physician. You can also do a patch test.


1 oz Jojoba oil

1 oz Olive oil

10 drops of tea tree oil

What to do:

Mix ingredients together in an applicator bottle and massage into scalp 2-3 times a week. You can leave it on your scalp or you can rinse it out. I usually leave it on.

Benefits of each oil:

Jojoba Oil: This oil is similar to the sebum that we excrete to lubricate our skin and hair. It is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and non-toxic. It is great as a scalp cleanser to clean clogged pores and prevent hair loss. It will absorb into the skin and does not evaporate.

Olive Oil:    Olive Oil is a natural moisturizer so it is great for moisturizing the scalp and will help naturally reduce the appearance of dandruff.  It is loaded with antioxidants so it promotes scalp health. Massaging it into your scalp will also help to increase blood flow and promote growth.

Tea Tree Oil:  This is my absolute favorite essential oil, In addition to using it in my hair I use it to clean cuts and scrapes. The oil is Anti viral, Anti septic, it kills lice and helps to reduce dandruff. It also works as a cleanser. This oils should be mixed with other carrier oils, applying directly to scalp or skin may cause burns.
Hope this helps.