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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

My Three Year Natural Hair Journey, Hair update

I've been natural for a  little over three years. I did not go natural on purpose, all my hair fell out in 2010 due to improper care (kitchen perms), and stress. While researching ways to grow my hair back quickly I discovered Youtube. I saw so many women with long natural hair and I was intrigued. I had no idea my natural hair could grow. When I had a perm my hair never grew past neck length. Now my hair is the longest and healthiest its ever been. I’ve had a lot of setbacks over the last three years, all of which have helped me to understand my hair.

 In March 2012, I caught myself being fancy and went to the salon for a trim and a style. She styled my hair for the Gods but the trim was an epic disaster. I was about three months shy of my two year natural hair anniversary and the stylist “trimmed” my hair while it was wet, and shrunken. When I took the style out two weeks later, I realized that she had went all Edward scissor hand in my hair. I spent the following year leading up to May 2013 growing it back out and trimming frequently to even it out as much as possible. She really hacked my hair to pieces. Since May of this year I’ve been focusing on maintaining my healthy hair and retaining length. The journey continues. Thanks for watching

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Natural Hair Style Flat Twisted Headband

I made a video yall!! lol
Just trying to spice up the blog, plus you guys get to see more of my hair.
Thanks For Watching.