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Sunday, September 22, 2013

How to Resuscitate Your Hair after Prolonged Abuse

Protein Treatment for Natural Hair:

My hair is normally in a protective style but this past week I was a little bored with my hair and decided to try a few styles. In a period of two weeks, I did a blow out, a twist out, a bantu knot out, a fro hawk, and finally an afro. (Many of those styles failed miserably by the way).  My hair suffered from major abuse so I applied a mild protein treatment to resuscitate it then tucked it away in a protective style. Hair is made up of protein so adding a protein treatment to your regimen will help to strengthen your strands, prevent breakage due to rough handling and over manipulation.

When to Do a Protein Treatment:

  1.  If you frequently moisturize your hair and notice that your hair is breaking a lot more than usual it may be time to do a protein treatment. Hair can suffer from over moisturizing.
  2. After too much manipulation as in the scenario described above.
  3. After removing a long term protective style such as braids, weaves, or mini twists.
How often To Do a Protein Treatment:

Protein treatments are great and everything but it is possible to have too much of a good thing. Too much protein leads to dry, brittle hair that snaps and breaks easily. If you notice that your hair stretches but does not snap back easily and breaks more than usual you may be suffering from protein overload. I typically do a protein treatment as needed which is usually every 2-3 months. I have low porosity hair (4c hair) so I have to be very careful with the protein.


2TBS EGGWHITES - Some people use the entire egg, but the whites are all protein
4TBS  of your favorite conditioner
1tbs Coconut oil - Contains protein, but also penetrates the hair shaft and moisturizes
1tbs Olive Oil - to moisturize
1tbs Honey - Also for moisture

Mix it all together, I usually apply it to my hair before I wash because I like to make sure I get all the protein out of my hair.