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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Trimming Natural Hair

You may be wondering how cutting your hair can help with length retention, but this  is the best way to prevent damage.

Why: Damaged ends are usually split, keeping split ends usually results in damage to the rest of the hair shaft. By not trimming split ends you can ensure that your hair will split all the way up the hair shaft which leads to breakage.

How often should you trim: Some people trim their hair on a set schedule like every three to four months. However this may not be ideal for you because your hair may be healthy and there is no point in trimming healthy hair. I generally trim my hair when my ends look bushy and I can see the split ends, I also trim if my ends are breaking off.

How do you trim your hair: Well if you're uncomfortable with trimming you're own hair always seek out a professional. However some professionals tend to be scissor happy so make sure your familiar with the stylist or get a great recommendation. Also, make sure that the stylist knows how to work with natural hair.
If you do decide to trim your own hair be sure to use trimming shears that aren't dull. Do not use regular scissors, dull shears will damage your ends. Definitely trim your hair when it is stretched or straightened it makes thing  a lot easier and more even.

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