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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Three Key Steps To Maximize Your Hair Growth

For so many years black women have been misguided by the beauty industry. We have been made to believe that we cannot have long hair, and that perming our hair is the only way to deal with it. However, since discovering my naturalness, my hair has been the longest and healthiest it has ever been in my entire life. Shoulder Length and thick. Don't laugh, it may not be a huge stride for some but it is for me. Here are three key steps to my hair care regimen.

Cleanse: I know that a lot of people say not to shampoo your hair, but I enjoy a clean, and clarified scalp. Not only does it feel refreshed but your hair growth is not inhibited by buildup on the scalp. I cleanse my hair with a sulfate free shampoo about every two weeks and  I Co - wash at least once a week. (wash with just conditioner)

Oil Your Scalp - Much like fertilizing a plant to grow healthy and strong, I like to oil my scalp with a special blend of all natural oils. This not only nourishes but also aids in my hair growth. I do not use commercial products that are loaded with mineral oil and petroleum. I use oils that are natural and organic such as Castor Oil which helps to thicken the hair.

Moisturize - Finally, we can get caught in the rain. As a natural, the best moisturizer is water. I spritz my hair with water every day in the morning when I wake up. Product wise my favorite moisturizer is Shea Butter, I whip up my own special blend, which my hair loves.

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