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Friday, July 29, 2011

The Obsession With Natural Hair

Ever since I've decided to wear my natural hair, I have been met with adversity and some positivity. My own family has even questioned my decision to do so making ignorant comments, as if this is not the hair that grows from my scalp. Isn't it more ridiculous to buy hair when I have a full head of thick, healthy hair. What is the obsession?
Another thing that really bugs me is the fact that people of different races, constantly look at my head as if I am a creature of another planet. Really? Have you never seen hair before? Some even get the urge to reach out and touch it, without permission at that. Clearly that is a violation of my personal space. At this point I am really offended and baffled by the audacity of some people. It's just hair, yours is fine and thin sometimes dull and lifeless. Mine is thick and soft like cotton balls and reaches up to sky in a fro, get over it.
I had an interview the other day and I mentioned to someone that I didn't think it went well. Their first response was... "How did you wear your hair?" Really? Are you kidding me? Is my hair qualified to do the work or am I? I would hope that we are evolved enough as a society to not judge someone by the color of their skin much less their hair. The thought is simply ridiculous. I will continue to shock the masses by wearing the hair that grows naturally from my scalp.  Right fist in the air.